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5 Advertising Strategies To Get You Ahead Of The Competition

As people say, competition is good for your business because it helps you push yourself to always do better. Some of the biggest business rivals today include Pepsi versus Coca-Cola, Microsoft versus Apple, MasterCard versus Visa, and PlayStation versus Xbox. One of the best parts of having rivals is that you can steal your customers away from them and you can do that with the help of advertising. Today, we’re going to look at five unique and effective advertising strategies that you can use for your business so that you can place yourself in front of your competitors’ customers. Plus, with a little work, these can help you turn them into your customers. Can you feel the evil sinking in? *Evil smirk*
1. Target Facebook Users Whose Interests Include That Of Your Competitors
Facebook Ads don’t offer keyword targeting and you can’t make it specifically target people who have liked your competitors’ pages. But, Facebook does offer something called interest-based targeting.
On Facebook, interests can either be extremely broad or they can be very specific. Your competitor’s name is the specific interest that you want to target because by doing so you’ll be able to target people based on the brands and products that they like. You can type in your competitor’s website URL or you can type in their brand name. Aside from that, you can also type in different keyword combinations so that you can figure out the best option that will help you reach their target audience and make them yours instead. After you do this, make sure that the ad campaign that you put out is awesome and more interesting than that of your rival’s.
2. Interrupt Your Competitors’ Videos Through Youutube Ads
I was just on YouTube recently doing a search for a specific ad from AT&T. I noticed that before I could watch the ad that I wanted to see, I had to sit and watch another ad that was placed on top of it. This may seem like it’s nothing special but what you need to know is that the ad that was played before the AT&T ad wasn’t for them but was for Sprint, which is their competitor. The ad explained why Sprint was a better choice compared to AT&T and it also highlighted an offer that would allow people to switch carriers.
You can do the same thing by creating the most watchable TrueView ad that you can and add how much you’re willing to spend. You can choose from different targeting options such as keywords, interests, demographics, and remarketing. However, we’re going to do something more competitive by setting your video ads to target people who search YouTube videos of your competitor so that they’ll end up seeing your ads first. If you can make your video ads interesting enough, they might not even consider watching your competitor’s video anymore.
3. Use Your Competitors’ Emails Against Them By Using Gmail Ads
Another brilliant and sneaky advertising strategy that you can use is targeting people who have recently shown interest in the products that your rival offers. By using Gmail Ads, which are ads that appear at the top of the Promotions tab of users’ personal email accounts, you can do keyword targeting on your competitors’ brand terms.
While you’re reading this, people who are searching for your competitor’s products are receiving emails from your competitors. Plus, those emails are tailored to mention their brand terms. What you can do is target your competitor’s brand name so that every time people get a newsletter from them, your brand also ends up in their inbox as well. Make sure your email tells your competitor’s subscribers how great your site and products are and the best reasons why they should check you out.
If you want to go out and steal some sales, target the trademarks that your competitors use. Use a subject line for your email that will most likely have your competitor’s users clicking on your Gmail Ads. Make sure that you only user the best-performing subject lines that offer the highest open rates. Because those people are already out looking for a competing solution, there’s a huge chance that more people are going to end up clicking on your ads. This in turn reduces your costs.
4. Reach Your Rivals’ Audiences By Using The Google Display Network
Google has some awesome display ad technology. But, if you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to use Google’s custom affinity audience feature. By doing so, you can target a predefined audience that’s going to be more receptive of your ads.
If you want this to work for you effectively so that you can avoid wasting any of your money, you’re going to want to target your competitor’s homepage. AdWords will then figure out the brand trademarks that they use as well as the behavior of the people who go to their domain name or search for content on related topics.
We can use MailChimp as an example. It’s a publication that’s targeted towards businesses that do email marketing campaigns. So, if you have a similar business as them, MailChimp’s visitors would be the people we want to reach out to through your display ads. Doing this will allow you to start the process of getting the right people familiar with your company and the products and services that you offer. And, with the right message, you’ll be able to start stealing customers from your competitor and in turn allow breakout growth for your business.
5. Grab Your Competitor’s Twitter Followers
There are tools out there that will let you download a list of all of the followers that a Twitter account has such as asBirdSong Analytics. You can use these apps to download the list of your competitor’s Twitter followers. The cost for this generally starts at around $35 and goes up depending on the number of followers that an account has.
After you get your list, you can then upload it on Twitter Ads. Choose the option to “add tailored audiences.” Uploading the list of Twitter handles will take about 3 hours to process. After you do this, you can then create ads that will help you put yourself in front of the Twitter users who follow your competitors and are most likely in the market to buy or switch to a similar product or service that is of better quality. This strategy is fairly simple but can be of great help to you.
After your done setting your budget, you can start getting creative by composing your tweet copy. Be sure to get creative as you can with your Twitter ad so that you can make it stand out from the crowd.
All of the ad strategies that we’ve discussed are designed to put your business in front of people who are interested in your competitors’ products and services. This means that they’re most likely in the market looking for your products and services as well. All you need to do is show them that what you have to offer is way better than that of your competitors’.